Tank Lining Systems
Spray Applied Tank Linings
TL-40-S High Build Epoxy Lining
TL-40AR Abrasion Resistant High Build Epoxy Lining
TL-42-S High Build Epoxy Tank Lining
TL-45-S High Build Novolac Epoxy Lining
TL-45-G Graphite Filled Novolac Epoxy Lining
TL-45AR Abrasion Resistant High Build Novolac Epoxy Lining
TL-46-S Abrasion & Impact Resistant Novolac Epoxy Lining
TL-47-S High Build Novolac Epoxy Tank Lining
TL-81 High Performance Epoxy Lining
TL-81GF High Performance Glass Flake Epoxy Lining
TL-91 High Performance Novolac Epoxy Lining
TL-91AR Abrasion Resistant Novolac Epoxy Lining
TL-91GF High Performance Glass Flake Novolac Epoxy Lining
TL-191 High Performance, High Temperature, Novolac Epoxy Lining
      and Coating System
TL-191AR High Performance, High Temperature, Novolac Epoxy
      Lining and Coating System
TL-220-S Flake Filled Vinyl Ester Coating & Lining
TL-225-NS Teflon Filled Vinyl Ester Lining
TL-280 Sprayable Flake Glass Vinyl Ester Lining
TL-280AR Abrasion Resistant Sprayable Vinyl Ester Lining
TL-280HT High Temperature Sprayable Vinyl Ester Lining
TL-294HT High-Temp Glass Flake Filled Novolac Epoxy Lining
TL-1255 FDA Epoxy Tank Lining
Trowel Applied Tank Linings
TL-84 Trowellable Monolithic Epoxy Liner
TL-94 Trowellable Monolithic Novolac Epoxy Liner
TL-204 Trowellable Monolithic Vinyl Ester Liner
TL-220 Trowellable Flake Glass Vinyl Ester Lining
TL-220HT High Temperature Trowellable Glass Flake Vinyl Ester
TL-250 Glass Flake Trowel-Spray Vinyl Ester Lining
TL-250AR Abrasion Resistant Trowel-Spray Vinyl Ester Lining
TL-250HMW Glass Flake Trowel-Spray Vinyl Ester Lining
TL-920 Trowelable Flake Glass Epoxy Novolac Lining System
Fabric Reinforced Tank Linings
TL-220-S MR Mat Reinforced Vinyl Ester Coating & Lining
TL-400 Mat Reinforced Vinyl Ester Lining System
TL-405 Woven Roving Reinforced Vinyl Ester Lining System
TL-405AR Abrasion Resistant Reinforced Vinyl Ester Lining
TL-420 Mat Reinforced Furan Lining System
TL-480 Mat Reinforced Epoxy Lining System
TL-485 Woven Roving Reinforced Epoxy Lining System
TL-490 Mat Reinforced Novolac Epoxy Lining System
TL-495 Woven Roving Reinforced Novolac Lining System
FGD GF Trowel applied
FGD Spray applied
FGD Trench Detail
FGD Trowel -Trowel Hybrid AR Dense
FGD Trowel and Spray applied
FGD Turnkey Stack Lining System
FGD Ultra Coat Hybrid AR Slurry
FGD Wearcoat trowel appiled
Video Links
TL-91AR Sprayed Application over steel
TL-91AR Sprayed Application
TL-220 Trowel Applied Basecoat
TL-220 Mixing with Red Catalyst
TL-220 Trowel Applied
TL-405 Basecoat
TL-405 Reinforcement
Tank Lining Detail
TL-220HMW Trowel and Back Rolling
Case Histories
Blome TL-220 - FGD SlurryReclaim Tanks - Midwest
Blome TL-280 - Scrubber Outlet Ducts - Midwest
Blome TL-40-S - Crude Oil Storage Tanks - Midwest
Single Coat Tank Lining