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Power Industry

Chimneys, Stacks and Ductwork

A power plant’s chimney, stack and ductwork system are exposed to high temperatures, acid condensate and particulate from upstream Flue Gas Desulfurization (FGD) systems. But it’s possible to protect the inner surfaces of these assets from the harsh elements they contain when you pair a Blome chemical-proofing mortar and gunite with a vinyl ester lining.

Hundreds of FGS systems have been trusted with Blome products over the past 40 years. Our acid-resistant Gunites, Brick Linings and Flake Glass Polymer Linings are proven to protect FGD systems. You can trust Blome products for long-lasting protection, matched with the expertise and guidance you need for a successful application.

acid brick inside a chimney
fgd duct interior

Chimneys, Stacks and Ductwork Products

    Borosilicate Foamed Glass Block System


    Membranes and Gunites

    Polymer Concretes

    Primers and Mortars

    Sprayable and Trowellable Linings


    Interactive FGD Coating System Selector Map

    This interactive map will help you determine which Blome coating system will work best for each area of your FGD Power Plant.

    applying carbon fiber wrap to tank

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