Pharmaceutical Industry

USDA, FDA & CFIA Compliant Coatings Pharmaceutical Industry

At Blome, we understand how critical it is to ensure safety, security and compliance in the most demanding Pharmaceutical and Biological environments. Our flooring and walling systems are seamless and sanitary while providing defense against corrosive sanitizers, antimicrobials and cleaning solutions.

Our engineered electrostatic dissipative (ESD) and conductive systems provide safety, superior hygiene and performance. ESD Vitrified Tiling systems utilize the latest resin and filler technologies for the highest levels of anti-static or conductive performance, durability, hygiene and chemical resistance.

You can trust Blome products for long-lasting protection, matched with the expertise and guidance you need for a successful application.

  • THERMCRETE HY-CLENE antimicrobial technology
  • USDA, FDA & CFIA Compliant Tank Liners
  • Hygienic flooring and wall systems

Don’t Sacrifice Aesthetics or Precision for Function

Our chemical-resistant flooring and walling solutions achieve outstanding performance and unparalleled aesthetics for Food, Beverage, Dairy, Pharmaceutical, and Chemical Processing plants.

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