Pulp & Paper Industry

Protective Coatings for Pulp & Paper Mills

The process of pulp and paper manufacturing is water intensive and heavily reliant on harsh chemicals. These elements can take a toll on the steel structures and tile containment areas of your mill. Protecting your facility from corrosion is critical to uninterrupted production and safety.

Our lines of vitrified industrial ceramics, coatings and linings are trusted in paper mills worldwide.

Long-lasting corrosion protection

Blome systems use polymer and ceramic technology to defend against corrosion. From our acid resistant mortars for tile and brick installation to sprayable tank liners, Blome products are trusted for excellence across the pulp and paper industry.


VERSI-CHEM Glazed Vitrified Tank Tile

With its unparalleled physical properties and chemical resistance, this Blome VERSI-CHEM Vitrified structural glazed tank tile exceeds all industry standards for performance, quality, dimensional tolerance and flatness according to all relevant DIN/EN/ISO standards.