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Flooring & Walls

Seamless Flooring & Wall Linings

Blome is a performance leader in providing durable, corrosion-resistant and antimicrobial, heavy-duty protective linings. Specific to floors, walls, and containment areas, these linings will give you the perfect balance of safety, hygiene, aesthetics, and life-cycle economics.


    THERMCRETETM is an innovative next-generation family of cementitious-urethane flooring surface systems. THERMCRETE HY-CLENETM antimicrobial technology is an available additive for most Blome lining systems, providing the highest level of hygiene and cleanliness available. This is commonly used in the Pharmaceutical and Food and Beverage industries.


    • Non-toxic
    • Low/no odor
    • Enhanced flexibility
    • Excellent color stability
    • Fast application – no primer or sealants required
    • Quick setting, fast turnaround
    • Strong thermal shock resistance
    • Outstanding chemical resistance

    Our sanitary wall systems provide defense against corrosive sanitizers, antimicrobials and cleaning solutions. They are USDA and FDA compliant, and can be used in direct product contact. These linings also help assure the highest level of product purity and optimum corrosion resistance. This is commonly used in the Pharmaceutical and Food and Beverage industries.

    Blome offers sanitary wall linings with the following features:

    • Vitrified and Glazed Ceramic Systems
    • High Solids Antimicrobial Sprayable Systems
    • Fiber Reinforced Coating Systems
    • UV Stable Coating Systems
    • 100% Solids Roller Applied Systems
    • Layered Fabric Reinforced Systems

    Blome’s flooring and wall coatings are formulated to withstand the harshest industrial environments. Your plant’s floors can be exposed to extremely destructive elements such as acids, alkalis, salts, solvents and many other corrosive chemicals. Without the proper protective industrial floor coating in place, they can quickly corrode and become damaged, putting both the floor and the equipment it holds out of service.

    With Blome’s line of industrial-grade epoxy floor coatings and polymer concretes, you can expect complete protection for your floor slabs, curbing, pump pads and tank bases.

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