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Scrubber Island is an Interactive Guide that will help kickstart your own research for protecting surfaces in Flue Gas Desulfurization plants. We’ve put decades worth of knowledge, research and findings into this guide. As you explore, know that these basic recommendations can be used as a starting point. As situations are rarely the same, with unique operating and environmental conditions, as well as differing time available for repairs or relines, we recommend that you discuss recommendations with a Blome technical expert.

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Blome International is a leading manufacturer of FGD coatings and linings for the most extreme industrial operating environments. With our high-performance lining systems, you’ll add years of life to any surface – ultimately reducing unexpected downtime and lowering maintenance costs.

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Interactive PDF FGD Coating System Selector Map

This interactive map will help you determine which Blome coating system will work best for each area of your FGD Power Plant.