Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical Industry

Sanitary Wall Systems

At Blome, we understand how critical it is to ensure compliance, safety and security in the Pharmaceutical industry. We’ve been providing unique and innovative hygienic infrastructure management solutions to manufacturers for over 40 years.

Our sanitary wall systems provide defense against corrosive sanitizers, antimicrobials and cleaning solutions. They are USDA and FDA compliant, and can be used in direct product contact. These linings also help assure the highest level of product purity and optimum corrosion resistance.

Blome offers sanitary wall linings with the following features:

  • Vitrified and Glazed Ceramic Systems
  • High Solids Antimicrobial Sprayable Systems
  • Fiber Reinforced Coating Systems
  • UV Stable Coating Systems
  • 100% Solids Roller Applied Systems
  • Layered Fabric Reinforced Systems