Power Industry

Power Industry

Concrete Sumps & Trenches

Concrete sumps and trenches servicing Flue Gas Desulfurization (FGD) systems are exposed to constant wear, abrasion, corrosive slurries and pH swings. A combination of Blome’s moisture-resistant primer, chemical-proofing polymers and mat-reinforced vinyl esters will provide the protection you need for your concrete sump or trench.

You can trust Blome products for long-lasting protection, matched with the expertise and guidance you need for a successful application.

trench at power plant
corroded sump at power plant

Concrete Sumps & Trenches Products

    Anchored Concrete Protective Liners

    Brick and Ceramic Tiles

    Mortars and Grouts

    Polymer Concretes

    Primers, Sealants and Membranes

    Sprayable and Trowellable Linings


    Interactive FGD Coating System Selector Map

    This interactive map will help you determine which Blome coating system will work best for each area of your FGD Power Plant.

    trenching at power plant
    corroded pump at power plant

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