Power Industry

Power Industry

Flue Gas Desulfurization (FGD) Support Tanks and Clarifiers

Protective Coatings for Harsh FGD Environments

At Blome, we understand the importance of a coal-fired power plant’s need to preserve the life of its FGD system. We are proud to have developed some of the most reliable linings for FGD support tanks, process tanks and vessels.

Our line of sprayable and trowellable flake glass vinyl esters and epoxies provide ultimate protection for this harsh environment. These are commonly used in slurry tanks, make up water tanks, bleed tanks, scrubber recycle tanks, gypsum dewater tanks, clarifiers, wastewater treatment and equalization tanks.

industrial coating on a clarifier floor

FGD Support Tanks Products

    Industrial Ceramic Tiles

    Primers and Mortars

    Sprayable and Trowellable Linings



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